In the Beginning…

Once upon a time, the landscape of professional wrestling was littered with regional companies called territories.  Each of these territories promoted their product within a given region of the United States.

Promoting outside your region was forbidden and, for all intents and purposes, an act of war.

All that changed when one promoter, with the backing of his wealthy mother, decided he wanted to play in a much bigger sandbox.

He didn’t just want his territory…he wanted them all.

So he broke the code and expanded.

He had a vision of the future.  In this vision, he was the last man standing.

And he was.

He bought or bankrupted all of those who told him he couldn’t do it.  He buried their legacies in his vault.  He ruled over the landscape of his dreams.

His fondest desire was to pass all of this along to his sons.

Alas, one died and the other rejected his vision.

So, the man made his son’s life a living hell.

He hired another man to portray the son who died.  He buried his own son in the mid-card.  He even stole his son’s paramour.

With her, he had another son.  He swore this son would be the one to guard his legacy.

Then the man died.

What will become of his empire now?

Will his wife and youngest son safeguard his life’s work or will his estranged son, armed with a secret weapon, rise to take his rightful place?

That is our story.